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October 09, 2016



Well, she looks WAY prettier than Merkel, or Clinton, for that matter.


If Trump wins he'll have plenty of opportunity to molest her.


Thank you for the link! It was an interesting read to see the outside perspective.

If the AfD with its current popular support only influences the Republic as much as the Green party has with similar support, much is to be won. And if they increased even further, there may be a chance for change. So I look ahead with anticipation. The worst that could happen is that things would stay the same :-)


Yes, she's much nicer looking than Trump, too. Maybe Putin can teach her judo so she can toss Trump if he puts the moves on her.


Well, she pretty. Looks count!!!
I read the article, which is impressive indeed. She does not impress me, however.


Hillary does not and never did impress me.


I spoke directly to her a few months ago, Petry I mean.

There was a local AfD party assembly and she came to visit. Held a speech of around 1 hour, and then was providing her response to anyone willing to ask her of her opinion on anything. Really anything.

Of course the mass media had lined up one of their ranks first to ask something which she might provide a reply to, which they could then tear to pieces the following 3 days. She kept her cool and you could directly see how disappointed them journalists were. After that guy more than an additional 1.5 hours she answered questions of people who lined up for it. So I thought why not and gave it a go as well.

This approach impressed most I talked to, as you could never imagine a leading figure of the established parties to do something like that and totally expose themselves to any opinion apart from their own political ecosystem.


What did you ask her?


I intended to ask her on her opinion on NATO and whether she thinks this is still an affiliation Germany should continue to conduct. However a few guys ahead of me this was already more or less asked, upon which she pointed out that while she is sympathetic to anyone wanting to rethink on Germany's positioning in security politics, she would not be a proponent of disposing of NATO right away at this point in time. Which appealed to the conservative crowd mostly.

So I focused on what she thinks of the federal nature of the republic, keeping in mind that while the AfD seeks to change a lot, in most cases there would be both the federal and the state level that has a say in it, at least according to our current constitution. Based upon this I asked her whether she thinks that the federal structure is still a contemporary one, considering that all political successes are claimed by both the federal and the state level and all failures nobody wants to take any responsibility for. In addition this brings us in the current mess, where no profound political reform can be pushed through anymore.

As you can imagine this did not go down well with the Bavarian crowd listening. She reacted very diplomatic and differentiated, saying that she came from Eastern German DDR where education was centralized and she can see no benefit from the current model, where 16 states all have their own individual education system and greatly varying standards.
Apart from education however she would not want to dispose of the federal level, which she considers to have the advantage of being able to go several routes at the same time and the most successful ones can be adopted by the other states later on. Which appeased the audience :-).
I got the feeling this was something she had not thought about beforehand, so maybe it resulted in consideration afterwards on her side.


*dispose of the states' level

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