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January 31, 2005



It's too bad he brings up this:

"the masterminding of the voting irregularities in the 2000 and 2004 elections which disadvantaged the African-American voters, "

since that, too, falls into the realm of misinformation feeding that European anti-Americanism the author considers 'infantile.' (Whatever 'irregularities' existed were 'masterminded' or, more reasonably, occurred due to incompetence, by local election officials, which, in the cases of Palm Beach county in 2000 and urban Ohio in 2004 were elected democrats. If he's referring to felons & voting rights, that's a state issue.)

In any case, the Democrats aren't much better; it's another European illusion to think that the US will ever be 'European' in its outlook, social programs, secularism, etc. The values shared by Americans & Europeans are 'some', no where near all.


Maybe the US will never be 'European', but its values are diverging and the rift is growing deeper. I want to find ways to reverse the trend.


Nearly a year has passed, but this post is still very interesting.

I like the idea of the bridge to blue America.

What I don't understand is why he demands that German political leaders "think beyond a partnership with those who currently hold power in the White House, and build a bridge to the cosmopolitan and liberal America which may be out of power for some time to come."

What would be the benefits for those German political leaders of reaching out to blue America, if they are out of power for some time to come? Most Politicians don't think beyond election cycles, thus to expect them to think beyond a few (?) election cycles is too much, I believe. I think we can't expect this from politicians, but should look more for contacts between citizens/bloggers.

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