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February 23, 2005


Robert Daguillard

Martin Winter's commentary suggests there is a "European way" of spreading democracy. There is, at least a Euro-Atlantic way that has proven most effective in certain situations. Specifically, I am speaking about those in which the EU and NATO can offer at least vague promises of future Euro-Atlantic integration to countries such as Ukraine, Croatia and Georgia that openly push for membership in these bodies.



Winter does seem to credit the EU for the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, and I've noted that Bush, when he talks about "spreading freedom", also seems to claim credit for the Ukraine.

Why don't we give credit to where it is due - namely to the Ukrainian people? They did it on their own. And that is what has been so inspiring to watch

Robert Daguillard


you're absolutely right about giving credit to the Ukrainian people -- not least when you look at the weather they endured while defying Kuchma and his cronies! Nonetheless, my main point was about the types of situations in which the European Union can most effectively help spread democracy. Winter doesn't take into account that patience, openness to compromise and the other things he mentions are not on the table in every situation. It was possible for the EU, acting in concert with the United Staes, to help Ukraine rid itself of its regime. But would Serbia be moving towards democracy today unless the Western military intervention had significantly weakened Milosevic and exposed him for the fraud he is? The answer is far from conclusive.

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