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February 22, 2005


Robert Daguillard

I fail to see why EU Pundit finds the SSW's kingmaker status "catastrophic." Such events do happen in parliamentary politics and that, whether EU Pundit likes it or not, also reflects the will of the voter. EU Pundit has no right to rail at the Danish minority party any more than anyone else had the right, in 1993, to rail at the Catalan nationalists for giving support to Felipe Gonzalez' minority government after the Spanish general election. I am also not impressed with the comment -- the second similar attack I've seen in as many days -- on "a few thousand Danes determining the result of a SHS state election." Whether you like it or not, the rules on Danish representation are clear and the SSW as well as every other party ran their candidates based on that understanding. Besides, would EU Pundit react this way if Anke Spoorendonk and her party looked set to back Peter Harry Carstensen, the CDU candidate? Or does the SSW's role become a problem only when they get along with the center-left. Either way, if the people of Schleswig-Holstein had wanted to elect a center-right government, they would have done so, period.


Maybe I'm naive, but I thought that "Red-Green" was naturally more in alignment with "Scandinavian values".

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