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March 18, 2005


Louis J. Kahn

Presuming you are german: Ihre Seite ist von einer grossen Langweile und Paranoia getrieben, die wenig erhellt, was Dr. Woodard dort wirklich in Paraguay schaffen wird.
Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
Louis Kahn
Sao Paolo, Brasil

It's not like we didn't see this coming from the right wing...

This is the guy who's second-in-command in DC right now.

But then again, this doesn't surprise me.

mr. joseph marquez

This is an interesting story and can fully understand the founding of this small colony. After all, the thirteen colonies were founded under similar ciscumstances, seeking to escape to freedom and finding a new life.
The difference is, the Germans were not exploiting the native population of Paraguay.
If the Jews can seek and demand a free state of Israel and they should, then why not the Germans?
Even the "Mexicana Indiana" within the United States are discussing separation or a new state within the colonial governnment of the United States. This is understandable because of their history under Hispanic oppression, French and now the United States.
In fact, the German colony may establish a better social system benefiting the people of Paraguay as a whole.
It is time when addressing the German volk that their story be told honestly and without prejudist. "He who is without sin cast the first stone".
The German emacipator Adolph Hitler said; "To learn history means to seek and find the forces which are the causes leading to those effects, which we subsequently percieve as historical events". Mein kamph

Mr. Joseph Marquez
Mexicana Indiana


"The German emacipator Adolph Hitler " - you mean, the "Great Destroyer"

Joseph, your racially pure utopia will suffer the same fate as the original colony.


Israel is (and most of us Zionists) want it to be a Jewish state in the same sense that Bismark's Germany (or modern Germany) is a German state: a state of the Jewish people and culture.
Just as non Germans in Modern Germany, non Jews are welcome to Israel, but they are expected to respect the countries traditions and language...
Any person who is not a citizen of an enemy country, who marries an Israeli citizen can get a permanent residency and later citizenship regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, age.. as in most current European countries...


this is absolute rubbish. the article was crap and vaguely congratulatory to the "artist", and most of these comments are sophmoric (present comment not excluded). Louis fragte eine Gute, so weit wie ich verstanden kuente..., and david spoke truth. Yaear, how kind of you zionists to "welcome" non-jewish peoples in their own historic homelands. The jews AND the arabs are among many peoples who have inhabited the particular area of earth in question. That the current jewish state was founded by the former colonial power of the region (on land that did not rightlfully belong to it) and has been maintained through violence, xenophobia, and strong ties to the U.S. miltary/industrial complex should not enter into your thinking. No, you should sit back with your coffee, bask in the somewhat-masochistic glory stories of your people, and contemplate an appropriate font for the welcome sign on the gigantic wall the Israeli government has built through Palestinian territory.


DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN ORGANIZED RELIGION... ALTHOUGH THIS QUOTE COMES FROM ONE. JEWS, MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS, all of you fight just as you have for over two thousand years.. its all vendetta. ALLAH, GOD, YEHWEY, whoever your GOD may be would SHAME YOU for taking another human beings life. celebrate LIFE not its termination. LIVE TOGETHER and TOLERATE eachothers being. AS you learn from them they will learn from you

Marshall Lentini

How is this "Dr." Woodard "on high"? He's just some talentless charlatan. Listen to his "Hymn to Nueva Germania" -- essentially some amelodious moaning in German over a midi track. I'm so sick of these obtrusive, fame-hungry neofolk shysters and their European butt-buddies. Oooooh, some Germans lived in Paraguay! Guess what? There are dozens and dozens of "Aryan vacuums" littered throughout South America. They all look the same: a few "charming" German houses, "charming" cobblestone streets, blond heads, "the highest standard of living" (i.e. cost of living!), and absolutely nothing to do.

Curious De Curiounty

Is this truly a German colony? True they speak German (Yiddish?) but are they pure Aryans too? Maybe it is not. There are Jewish colonies in South America too. Largest Jewish colony in South America, or in fact in the world, is said to be in Argentina. Jews have mixed up with Europeans, particularly with Germans since ancient times. As they have done so with many other nations around the world in a mostly "self-inflicted" exile so one day their population is spread all over the world. In this way, they can rule the world now that internet and other communication vehicles have turned the entire world into a global village. They have integrated into other nations and cultures so deeply since very old times that In many cases it is hard to tell which one is which. Names, looks, language, everything sounds and appears so close to the original that only a keen eye might be able to tell exactly who these "shapeshifters" truly are. Now that Zionism cannot afford to, or does not want to, pay for the betterment of its own subjects scattered all around the world, it has to ask for donations? It is paying for the South Lebanon Hezbolah forces of the Middle East through the brutal conspiratorial Islamic Republic government of Iran whose most officials are either Jews themselves or they are assigned and controlled by Jewish lobbies inside and outside Iran. In exactly the same way, Jewish nuclear scientists and scholars are using that country's resources in producing nuclear bombs they will smuggle out of Iran later, or maybe even right now, so they do not have to pay for the extremely high costs of such a huge project themselves. Also the world and America in particular will be scared even more so this way and will hate certain ethnic groups of the middle east even more than before in the name of terrorism and threat to Western civilization and progress. Therefore, if there is going to be a war against these nations, it will never be Jewish or Israeli young soldiers fighting it but members of other nations and races. A systematic removal of all competing nations by their own hands while preserving the Jewish race, a "miracle of survival" in the entire history of all races! Zionists and Israel need Hezbolah as a good excuse to show off a "Jewish innocence" that does not even exist anymore and their superiority over certain sects of Arabs, probably all Arabs, their own half-brothers. That old-time hatred of Sarah over Haggar is still in effect today amongst the descendants of both ethnicities. But is this an Aryan cause? Is this the concern of the Mongolians or the Mexicans or the Africans? But why waste their own money on that when there are other ways of obtaining that money! Let others, especially those with the same religion as the Hezbolah pay for it. Why is that San Francisco musician who supports Timothy McVeigh and is interested in this poor Aryan community in South America is hiding his eyes and his identity behind dark glasses? His looks are reminiscent of a certain James Warren Jones in Jonestown, Guyana, South America, where the largest mass murder/suicide of a Utopian community in the American history occurred in 1978. Some suspect he was CIA, although CIA appeared not to be very happy with that "movement" for obvious reasons.
As it is evident on the New Germany website, There is no doubt there are some white, or white-looking people living under somewhat poor conditions in that area in Paraguay. But does that mean they are telling the truth about their ancestry and racial origins? Are they truly connected to Nietzsche? Was Nietzsche truly an Aryan himself? Everybody knows Adolf Hitler was half-Jewish. Majority of his top generals and Nazi officials were Jewish. You do not believe it? Just take a look at their pictures still preserved in history books and films. There was rarely a blonde Aryan amongst them although some do look "yellowish" in complexion and "reddish" in hair maybe. Rarely if ever anyone of them was a tall person, Hitler himself included. He mobilized a selected group of so-believed Germans to Argentina in order to breed a new pure and superior race. By the end of the WWII, what we know of that community is "largest Jewish colony in the world lives in Argentina!" Are we to trust this colony in Paraguay and their need for help really? Do we have to help poor people only because of their race and historical backgrounds? Or is it if people find out this small community of the poor is Jewish and not Aryan then no one will help by donating anything because mainly everybody's impression is that Jews and Zionists are probably the richest guys in the world so why bother help them when they do not need it.

Diego Velasco

I consider the proyect wrong.

Let me explain. I don't agree that there should be an "Pure Aryan place" because it would serve no other purpose but as an experiment bound to be doomed.

Even if there are Saxons willing to move there, why would the people in control of the area allow such a thing? Some might do it to foolishly inerbreed with these germans wich would defeat the very purpose.

Or (most likely) asume it as a simple experiment, but then I dont think the Saxons would be very happy to be subject of racial experimentation. Or would they?

Historian, from Paraguay

The colony was actually established in 1886... and it was founded by Nietzsche's sister, Elizabeth and his husband, Föster... the place already exists, but is a very poor town... their inhabitants are not only the descendants of the Saxons but also 'mestizos'. Is not the only socialist-racist experiment which took place in Paraguay in the last part of the XIX century. Other, was the colony named New Australia, founded by australian socialist' leader William Lane with about 300 'colonos'. You have to know that Paraguay was a destroyed country, because of the previous war against the Triple Alliance (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay), and accepted --as many other countries in south america did, inmigrants from everywhere. And many utopist experiences found in Paraguay proper conditions to develop their dreams: isolated spaces... later, other (almost) utopist, the mennonites, came to Paraguay (1927) and established colonies which were/are succesfully developed (despite many accusations, some proved, some not, of racism against indian peoples from the Chaco). Paraguay is considered for many "the country of utopias".

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