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March 26, 2005



"The problem is that many of these "churches" despise the rule of law and even advocate violence against the state if laws do not conform to their religious convictions. "

Much as I disapprove of the attempts to intervene in the Schiavo case, I must make mention of 2 points:

(1) Filing legal briefs, submitting bills in Congress, etc. as fundamentalists did in this case are, it seems to me rather a far cry from despising the rule of law or 'violence'

(2) You comment above seems to suggest that 'many' churches in the US that might be eligible for federal funding advocate violence. That's ridiculous. A tiny, tiny minority of radical fringe sects advocate violence. Faith-based funding ( as well as vouchers) would be made available for providers of services such as addiction therapy & education. As far as respecting the rule of law is concerned, I assume you had no objections when southern African American churches advocated & participated in lunch counter sit-ins, etc. which, at the time, were illegal.

Frankly, I'd rather send my kids to a Mormon or Scientology school than to a dismal public school. And if the Salvation Army or AA can be effective in providing services, more power to them. (And, BTW, I'm an atheist.)


Ellie -
You may want to check out the background of Randall Terry, who surfaced as a "spokesman" for the Schindler family last week. His "Operation Rescue" treads a thin line between civil disobedience and violence. Here is a useful link:

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