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May 25, 2005



You indicate that these blogs merely "parrot" the neoconservative agenda. You often use the term "neocon" to imply some sort of radical right wing group. I know that conservatives often use "lefty" or "lib" in the same way; so I suppose this is okay. But since your blog could be said to merely puppet the opposite point of view, it may be a bit hypocritical for the pot to highlight the kettle's blackness.

Which article of the US Constitution or amendment prohibits torture? Even Alan Dershowitz (hardly can qualify as your often-used "neocon") has stated that the Constitution does not prohibit the events at Gitmo or Abu Graib. He also seems to believe that this qualifies more as abuse than outright torture.

Just last week, the Weekly Standard came out AGAINST rendition. So, perhaps some of the media outlets you have painted as puppets actually have independent principles. Also, the LA Times came out with an op-ed piece highly critical of Gerhard Schroeder's foreign policies, and the Berlin - Baghdad connection. You don't think the LA Times is a neocon puppet, do you?

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