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September 28, 2005



One chapter ends, the next starts. It's a page turner:
"US soldiers allegedly trading pictures of dead Iraqis & Afghanis for porn"

This stuff makes winning hearts and minds in Iraq and the Muslim world impossible. Especially since they are exaggerated, but this stuff always gets exaggerated and even a few pictures are bad. The website www.nowthatsfuckedup.com is still online. Jesus.

It's bad for the US as well. It indicates war traumatization, psychological damage etc.

"The posts on www.nowthatsfuckedup.com are
not meant to subvert the sanitized mainstream media with
the goal of waking the general public up to the horrors of
war. Rather, all of the posters - and many of the site's
patrons - appear to regard the combat photos with sadistic
glee, and pathological wisecracks follow almost every

Juan Cole's "first reason to get the ground troops out now is that they are being fatally brutalized by their own treatment of Iraqi prisoners. Abu Ghraib was horrific, and we who are not in Congress or the Department of Defense have still only seen a fraction of the photographs of it that exist.

Similarly, Rootless Cosmopolitan:
"I fear that long after the last U.S. troops have left Iraq, America is going to be paying a heavy price for the psychological brutalization the occupation has inflicted on many of the soldiers who served in it."


Excellent links, Joerg, even if the content is extremely distressing.
Many thanks!

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