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September 19, 2005



Thanks for the summary, one additional point (which is also rarely made in Germany) the other consequence is, that Left is established as stronger then the right. At that might be a result that stays.

Now to report that in the SCLM, would probably see their heads explode or something...


Thanks. Yes, I note that Oskar quoted Willy Brandt: "Die Mehrheit ist jetzt links von der Mitte."


I think Schroeder is right that in the German public likes him and wants him to remain chancellor. Germany seems to want a left coalition, but by ruling it out, Schroeder virtually guarentees the end of his run.

The next few weeks will be very interesting indeed.

Andy Lang

Thanks for the excellent summary. The U.S. media will never understand why German voters don't believe that redistributing the social product upwards to the wealthy won't make their lives better. Perhaps because Germans love to visit America, but en route to their favorite destinations (Disney World and our national parks in the West) they have a chance to see what life is like in our cities, not to mention on Indian reservations, and they know something about the consequences of the "neo-liberal Zeitgeist."

I've got some analysis of the vote at http://langohio.blogspot.com. The extraordinary thing is that the Left was the only party to win votes (1.5 million) from all of the other major parties, and the only one to increase its vote total in almost all electoral districts. Both the SPD and CDU/CSU lost millions of voters in this campaign, some of whom opted for the Left and others of whom simply did not vote.

The media in Germany, of course, are making a big deal that the FDP also picked up new voters and surged ahead to become the third strongest party in the Bundestag. Psychologically, that's important, and certainly it puts the liberals in a strong bargaining position. But ... most of those votes came from the CDU/CSU, so it's hardly evidence of a mandate for "reform." The "reform" camp did not grow but lost support in this election.

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