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March 27, 2006


daniela glauning

I am in the same boat my mother is german and my dad was stationed over here in germany 1972 and now i dont know who or where he is


I am trying to find the baby I fathered with a German girl in Landshut 1945-46. Her mother gave her my last name. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get information on finding her? I would appreciate any help you may be able to offer.


Edward, here is a Web site of Germans/Austrians seeking their American fathers:


If you google the term "occupation babies" you will find other resources. Good luck!


Thanks Dave for publishing this important post (article). I saw your comment over at Jörg's (the Atlantic Review) days ago but didn't have the time to follow-up until today. Thanks again and I would love to include your post (an excerpt with link to your blog) in our project for BHM-E 2007.

A Chicago boy, huh? I should have known. It's the pipe in your photo that threw me off.



Thanks for your comment and feel free to include this in your project.

That photo is actually of Kurt Tucholsky, who, unfortunately, never made it to Chicago.


Kurt Tucholsky? Never heard of him but did a quick search at Wikipedia. Wow! Another important German historical figure that they don't tell you anything about over here. Now I know about him thanks to you. It's a pity that he never made it to Chicago, poor guy. He would've been very impressed with the city and the people there.

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