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March 24, 2006


Bruce Miller

I'm surprised to see Tony Judt play into something like that. But I recall from his article in the New York Review of 03/23/2000
that he seemed to have little sympathy with the attempts of the EU to block the new Austrian government that included Joerg Haider's party from adopting any of Haider's anti-democratic policies.

To be fair, he also opposed Haider's misuse of libel laws to stifle public criticism of Haider's reactionary politics:



Thanks for your comments. Care to share your thoughts on the David Irving trial in Vienna?

BTW, I read Old Hickory regularly. Unfortunately, I do not have an AOL account so am not able to comment.

Bruce Miller

David, I posted about the Irving conviction at a group blog, The Blue Voice:

Short version: In the grand scheme of things, I prefer the American approach of, "you can say any dang fool thing you want, as long as everyone else is free to say what a dang fool thing it is".

But I was also struck by the fact that the English-language articles I saw about the case talked in the abstract about the theory of free speech, without even mentioning that Austria is *required by treaty* to suppress Nazi-type activities, and specifically Nazi-type propaganda.

In that post, I quote from the relevant Article 9 of the 1955 Staatsvertrag between Austria and the US, the USSR, Britain and France.

It's one thing for Americans to say in the abstract that the Austrian practice excessively restricts free speech. It's another for a President or members of Congress to support a change of that treaty to allow Nazi activities to be legalized in Austria. How many co-sponsors is a bill like that likely to get?

Ute Baur-Timmerbrink

Dear Mr. Judt, just found your statements in the internet.
You mentioned my name.
I would like to share research results with you. It seems you know about the post war time in Europe. You read the Boston Globe articel, March 2006 about GI kids and I am starting to write about these unbelievable stories.
Ute Baur-Timmerbrink Berlin/Germany

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