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March 29, 2006



Summers wasn't the only smart Harvard guy making stupid sexist statements recently.
Harvey C. Mansfield, a neocon government professor from Harvard,
wrote a book about "Manliness."

What the f*** is going on in Cambridge south of (north of?) the MIT?
If he would be a prof of gender studies or sociology, I would understand, but a prof government?

Yeah, you are absolutely right in your previous post about Neocons imploding. Now they blame Iraq on the women, it seems...
Well, I am glad they don't blame it on Germany and France as some blog commentators do.

The Harvard Crimson wrote: Mansfield Clashes with Feminist Over ‘Manliness’:

"“All of the greatest philosophers have been men,” he said.

“You’re so charming,” interjected Wolf, “but I’m profoundly offended.”

Mansfield also said the “manly man” is defined by his indifference to women and his refusal to pander to them.

“A woman [whom the manly man] loves, he will take guidance from, but women in general, he looks down upon,” Mansfield said.

Another key characteristic of Mansfield’s conception masculinity is authority.

“Women don’t have the same sense of authority,” he said.

When Wolf asked, “You need a penis to have authority?” Mansfield replied, “It helps.” "

More in the Wash Post:

I think, Mansfield probably has an above average IQ, but most men with an average IQ would not make such stupid statements.

I am a Forrest Gump fan. "Stupid is as stupid does."

Regarding the IQ of Germans: I never believed much in IQ tests. Besides, I am convinced that very smart people do very stupid things.

The more intelligent you are the more havoc you can create, if your intelligence is combined with arrogance.

The Neocons who got you in Iraq are extremely smart... A pretty small group of people convinced a big and great nation that has turned pretty skeptic of wars in the 90s and not willing to risk US soldiers' lives, to start regime changes in the Middle East...


Ich habe herzhaft gelacht!

Wenn es nach den einschlaegigen Tests geht, ist mein IQ nur unwesentlich hoeher als der durchschnittliche. Wo bliebe dann der ganze PISA-Rest, der nicht einmal fehlerfrei schreiben kann, geschweige denn irgendwann freiwillig ein Buch in den Hand nehmen wuerde?

Ganz zu schweigen von der Tatsache, dass ich auf jeden Fall alles andere als Durchschnitt bin. ;)

Zu den Unterschieden zwischen Mann und Frau allerdings schweige ich mich vornehm aus. Allenfalls faellt mir dazu ein, dass die Menschheit ja vollkommen aussterben wuerde, muessten sich Maenner mit Frauen abfinden, zu denen sie aufzuschauen haben.

Und was die Chancen angeht, die einer solchen Feststellung fuer die Deutschen moeglicherweise innewohnen; ich bin nicht so schrecklich zuversichtlich. Ab einem bestimmten Grad von Macht, weicht der gesunde Menschenverstand vollkommen anderen Interessen.

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