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March 12, 2006



It seems to me that the Bernstein piece is really more about a level of hypocrosity than it is about there not being reasons for the German public to be upset with the inconsistent actions of its own government. What does it say about the German electorate that so many of it seemed to vote for Schroeder on one issue: Standing up to the US? The German public should be upset; with itself for not seeing that they were being whipped up as a way of brushing over the most important issues that have direct effect on their own society. Clearly, the domestic issues (unemployment, Hartz 4, etc) should have resulted in a much more sound defeat for the former government. But somehow, the voters in Germany seemed to only focus on just part of the picture.

Olaf Petersen

There hasn't been any betrayal except for those who wanted to be betrayed. Schröder's government said it loud and clear: No German contributions for the Iraq War - as far as our duties as a NATO ally are not concerned.

So Germany granted open skies for the transit of US-bombers, accepted the integration of its navy units in Task Force 180 into the US Order of Battle, and more...

German Defense Minister Struck, by the way, has demoted a certain Major Pfaff because of his refusal to write logistic software for the US war against Iraq. The German Federal Administrative Court has abolished major Pfaff's degradation: It was his duty to not obey the orders he got, because otherwise he would have supported an illegal war of aggression!

Major Pfaff is now LtCol.
Of course there hasn't been any investigation on this subject, so why should we be surprised our new government won't allow questions concerning even more secret activities?

Olaf Petersen

PS: More than 10% in the BND have a military rank. You can bet the two residents in question operating in Iraq have been officers of Bundeswehr reconaissance, specialists in observing a theatre of war.

If that is true, what I think it is, Schröder has lied in deed that he won't send soldiers to Iraq. So not only has Germany sent soldiers to Iraq, it has also received, relatively, more honors than any other country: 50% of them have been highly decorated with a US-Medal! Har!


Wie in Frankreich dürfen sich in Deutschland die Geheimdienste um Innenpolitik kümmern.

So geht es nicht weiter.


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