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May 25, 2006



Are you calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq?

Many people do. I agree with you that many conservatives will then blame those people (rather than the many severe mistakes made by the administration) for the civil war in Iraq, which would develop if the US would withdraw soon.

The "Return the troops now"-crowd will be very convenient for those conservatives.

However, don't they have a point? The job is not done yet. You have to give them all the ressources to finish the job.

I believe that the US is now responsible for what is going to happen in Iraq.

I am sure some conservatives will later say that they are not responsible for civil war or dictatorship or theocracy in Iraq, because Iraq is a sovereign nation and the Iraqis can do whatever they want.
I disagree. If Iraq remains unstable and violent in the next ten years, the US is still responsible in the eyes of the world. Likewise, the US can credit itself, if Iraq will be a stable democratic country in ten years and the world should acknowledge such a US achievement.

You have been against starting the Iraq war. Okay.
Now the US is stuck in Iraq. You can blame the supporters for the war.

However, I do believe that immediate withdrawal of all US troops (i.e. within 6 months) would be another severe mistake. If the US is making this mistake and things in Iraq will go downhill, then I am going to blame those who called for this pre-mature withdrawal.

Would you then accuse me as a supporter of the "stab in back" myth?

Do you call for immediate withdrawal?

I know that some experts like Juan Cole advocate immediate withdrawal. I think he made such a call already last year, when he argued that the US causes more harm than good in Iraq. Therefore a withdrawal would be better. So I acknowledge there are some good arguments for withdrawal, but at the end of the day, I think immediate withdrawal would be a mistake.

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