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May 29, 2006


Sean Fitzpatrick (Logomachon)

"the existence of those crematoriums at Auschwitz remains a nearly insurmountable challenge"

What exactly is the problem? This is a frequently heard sentiment, and it implies that you expect God to prevent evil or at least to put an upper limit on the amount of evil men can do in a particular place and time. It also implies that you know what that limit should be.
What arrogant piffle! Apparently God isn’t good enough for you; He doesn’t meet your standards.

Your sentiment also implies that you expect God to protect you from all physical harm. Come on! Grow up! God may be your Father, but He isn’t your daddy. Believers are often taunted for clinging for comfort to a childish fantasy of a Great Big Daddy in the sky. It is unseemly then for unbelievers to base even a little of their rejection of God on the existence of “evil”.

Suppose there is no God, that the scientists are right and we are just the product of pointless random material processes. In that case, a person has no more "moral standing" than a rock. But without a God, "moral standing" and “evil” are meaningless expressions.

"The existence of those crematoriums at Auschwitz remains a nearly insurmountable challenge" . . . can you put that in a syllogism? Never mind Auschwitz. Simple thinking seems to be an insurmountable obstacle for you.

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