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June 08, 2006


Olaf Petersen

Two 500 pound bombs that left nothing than the debris of the building and the plasma of the terrorists - and Zarqawi's head for secure identification. That's what I call a precision strike.



Yes, I also found that remarkable. They keep showing the footage of the bombs obliterating the house; it is inconceivable that anything recognizable would remain.



are you considering Scholl-Latour an expert on this matter?
Why do you describe Fetscher's article as an "analysis" of the sociological make-up of the military?
Or am I missing your irony?

"Fetscher's article received a great deal of attention in the blogosphere"

Did any blog cover it besides you, DMK, and Atlantic Review?

You link to the Boston Globe, who describes recent changes, who have not effected the US military in Iraq yet because the changes are too recent.

"recruits who are much older"
That could be good. Maturity is a plus in some situations.

"in some cases obese"
That's a general problem in the US and Europe and isn't confined to white trash or rambo fans. The military is adapting to the general changes.

"the US military is struggling to meet its recruiting goals."
Does the Globe provide any evidence??? The third page was not free for viewing.

I heard that the Army fell short of some 7000 recruits last year, but that is all. This happened in the 90s as well. It is not very significant for the entire military. However, it is of some concern, but no need to exaggerate it.

"and even high school drop-outs, who never would have been allowed to enlist in the past."
And yet the past and current military is considered uneducated White Trash by some.

BTW: Do US servicemen and women have a "union" like the German Bundeswehrverband?



Don't believe all of the propaganda put out by the US government about the state of the military. The only way troop levels can be maintained is through "stop loss" orders:


So some soldiers are on their third tours of Iraq. That is not sustainable in the long term.

BTW, good luck to Germany today in the World Cup!


Your article is from 2004 and mentions an announcement.

Numbers are better than propaganda and rumors.

How many soldiers have been affected by stopp-loss order?

And how many have volunteered to stay in the Army because they want to finish the job?


"because they want to finish the job"

What job? Killing more Iraqis? Getting themselves killed?

Here's the litmus test: Would you give your life for "the job" - whatever that is? Would you send your children to die for it?


I will answer once you answer my questions.
Oh wait, you are not really asking a question and you are not interested in a debate on the military/recruiting situation. You just want to rant:

"What job? Killing more Iraqis?"

How boring.


Joerg -
What is that we're debating? Sustainability? This is what (ret) General Barry McCaffrey told a national TV audience today:

"Do we have an adequate military to sustain this operational pace? And the answer is no. I’ve been saying the Army is 80,000 soldiers short, the Marines are 25,000 people short. SOCOM is under huge stress, and we aren’t resourced to continue this effort. We’ve got to make up our mind. Are we going to pay for the kind of strategy we’re prosecuting or not?"

But anyway I've made my position on the Iraq War and the need for a military draft known, so it's a waste of time to debate me. If you think that the war is "eine gute Sache", then you should be urging your readers to enlist. Or better yet, tell your right-wing blogger friends to enlist; since, like Bush and Cheney, they dream of military glory by using OPC - Other People's Children.


Enjoy your rants and your Junge Freiheit friends.

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