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July 04, 2006



Well, if they were allowed to do so, I'm death sure they would burn people, too. Those damn neonazis don't have any conscience.
A young man from Eastern Germany.


It's sad that this hypocrisy comes from a country that has no shame about burning 100.000 people in Iraq. German simulated Nazis suck, but the American ones are the real deal nowadays.


Some extra because you really seem to be out of the loop badly.. There was a actually a parliamentary initiative to have the 'costume nazi' party NPD banned. It had to be called off because it turned out very early that large parts of that party are actually paid by, that is receive their livelihoods from, the German state. "Working" as secret agents, informers. The rest of that 'movement' are actually a few hundred alcoholics and losers. Thats very different from straight Neo-Nazis who score big in elections like the French Front National or the British BNP.

The most extreme example of real Neo-Fascism is however the USA state/business conglomerate whose victims go into the hundred thousands. Unrepented millions of victims if we count Vietnam.


Actually the NPD did "score big" in the state elections in Sachsen last year... Fortunately, they could not repeat that success elsewhere. You'll note that I link to the excellent "NPD Blog" in my blogroll.


Well they will never ever make an impact on the federal level, that is for sure. The most such people can reach are lower posts on the communal levels. Specifically, the Saxony vote was largely disgruntled ex-communists.

But you definitely have to make yourself aware of the fact that you are already living in country that is shaped by most of the NPD convictions. They do not want very different things than any other fascist party supporting a state/industrial conglomerate. The US Republicans with their 50% approval are not very different from the NPD or the DVU, another party appealing to the stupid, xenophobic and violent masses. Even within the US Democrats there are openly racist figures with the 'NPD style' narrative. Read David Neiwerts Orcinus blog if you don't even know about that.

American "Conservative" opinion is largely the same as any other fascists on this planet. The cited book burning seems to be quite common in the US, actually. I do remember repeated reports of evangelical "Christians" burning books they don't like. And it's also vey telling how you weasel out of your national guilt from the numerous honourless wars your country engeged in. Let me ask again, accepting democratic liability, how do you live with 100.000 dead Iraqis fueling your economy?


Accusing all Americans as being "Fascist" is about as stupid as accusing all Germans as being "Nazis".

I do indeed know of David Neiwart's excellent blog. If you look at my reading list you will see as the first entry his book "Strawberry Days". I will be posting a review.


"Accusing all Americans as being Fascist" is exactly what I have not done, Mr. Please do not use these smear tactics on me. I know a bit of your country first hand and would never say such a stupid thing. A fail-safe estimation would be that like in all countries, there's a solid one third that wouldn't mind living under a dictatorship. In the current athmosphere, I'd say that about 50% of Americans would safely register as Neo-Nazi if the culturally biased polls would actually value all forms of hate as equal.

Your self-righteous and sensationalist piece about Germany about to be taken over by psycho nazi book burners. The impression you're giving with pieces like that is completely wrong and shows that you have no idea of Europe. Germany is very certainly one of the most welcoming and open-minded countries around. History has provided ample lessons and they've been taken in way that can only be called exemplary. If there were only more countries with an attitude toward extremism like Germany. And I'm not even German myself.

You ought to say something about Italian media-tycoon, mobster and almost-neofascist Berlusconi, or the civil war mongering conservatives of Spain, or the new ultra-conservative wave in France. Real fascism is always a phenomenon that seeks to conquer the political 'middle' and you don't want to tell me that some NPD clowns doing whatever you say happened has any chance of resonating with normal people.

You could for example try to explain to us the 'embedded reporters' and why this kind of snuff reportage resonates so strongly with Americans. Did you know embeds are a Nazi invention? They did live radio broadcasts from bombing runs over Britain. How much incitement to racism is there to see sub-human Arabs massacred and their towns blown ? Can kids who watch this stuff make conscious choices?

Why should we who know these things not be against them? I'm saddened that your country is falling ever deeper into the neo-nazi trap because these things do not happen to anybody's advantage. What does destroying a city with half million inhabitants evoke in you? Bah, they were just Arabs? Are you even aware that what is happening in Iraq will be sticking to your shoes for a long, long time? Look for Neo-Nazis in your own backyard, they don't need swastikas and all that old stuff anymore.


I think you have a thorough understanding in this matter. You describe in detail all here.


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Те, що нас формує, до цього не можна доторкнутися, воно за межами розуміння.
Ми віддаємося любові тому, що вона дарує нам хоч якесь відчуття того, що неможливо осягнути, і здається, що ніщо не має значення, але тільки не в кінці.

Що таке любов - велике щастя або велика трагедія? Чи можна її пояснити?
Чому одні проносять її через все життя, а інші взагалі не знаходять чи втрачають дуже швидко?
Чи можливо взагалі любити все життя або краще не випробовувати цього почуття?


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