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July 18, 2006



Cohn-Bendits Vorschlag wäre verständlicher, wenn er anbieten würde ,die Libanese durch die Nato schützen zu lassen, denn die Opferzahl spricht eine klare Sprache.

Bruce Miller

You've probably seen this already. But I wanted to make sure you knew you were quoted in a page 1 story in the San Francisco Chronicle on this:


"And Dialog International, a Web site that specializes in German-American politics and culture, said Bush's behavior raised questions about the American president and his profile abroad.

"'When he is away from his script and his handlers, his true lack of intelligence and emotional maturity surfaces for all to see. The dangerous situation in Lebanon ... requires true leadership. Don't look for it from the world's uberpower'."

I'm glad to see that at least *some* reporters in the mainstream press know where to go to get quality commentary!


Thanks Bruce!

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