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July 06, 2006


Über-nonsense anyway

Will this self-delusion ever stop? There never was any "De-Nazification" apart from filling out a questionaire. 95% of the "Nazi" officials simply continued to work on their new posts and were never harassed.

The Nazis were defeated by Russia who gave more than 20 million lives for it. The western allies made a photogenic landing in France and fought a non-battle "of the Bulge" in which the Nazis simply ran out of supplies. Even the Chinese insurrection against the Japanese occupiers was more decisive than the entire American campaign in the Pacific, which ended with the honorless nuking of two whole cities to test a new weapons technology.

The Marshall plan amounted to something like 5% of the entire German post-war budget and was no more than a drop of water on the fire. Practically all of this money went directly back into the pockets of American companies. Germany is still transferring an equal amount ANNUALY into the neue Länder.

Even considering the Morgenthau plan - the current plan for Iraq - there is no better indication of the descent into Neo-fascism.


I don't agree with your analysis of the Marshall Fund. True, initially the funds were used to replenish depleted foreign currency and were used to purchase staples from the US, but from 1949 on the funds were used in Germany to rebuild German industry.

See "Postwar" by Tony Judt for the best discussion.

Über über über

sure, financial aid for the poor poor Krupp and Rheinstahl.

Did you ever ask yourself why the D-Day landing troops had to run against a few hilltop bunkers? Because the airforce that had been laying German cities to ruins was not able to take out a few bunkered machineguns? Neither could the naval artillery of the greatest fleet ever put together? So much for heroism.

Great moments for propaganda. And ohh the Marshall plan. There you have the basic element for being a "leader" : Be generous towards your followers. There is no alternative. It hasn't changed for millenia.


What a bunch of crap...

1) Yes, it's certainly true that the Soviets broke the back of the Wehrmacht. Whether they actually lost 20 million to the war is highly debatable given the difficulty of separating war deaths from those purged by Stalin.

However, calling the Normandy landing a sham is idiotic in the extreme. It's possible the Red Army could have won the whole thing by itself, but it would have taken much longer and cost many more lives.

Oh, by the way, ever heard of a thing called "lend-lease"? The Russians sure have.

2) I suggest you go look at a few pictures of the Normandy coast on June 6 1944. You'll quickly see why the allied air forces couldn't "take out a few bunkered machineguns".

Even if the weather had been good, destroying bunkered positions with the air-to-ground weapons available at the time was difficult.

2) The Chinese insurrection more effective than the US campaign in the Pacific? Are you a crack smoker? The US destroyed much of Japan's naval capability, took over the islands Japan was using as air bases, and bombed the Japanese home islands heavily.

However you feel about the Atomic bombs, it's undeniable that their use saved thousands of American soldiers that would have been lost invading Japan. I'm sorry if you think Truman was wrong for electing to prioritize American lives.

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