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July 28, 2006



It's satisfying to know that some countries and cultures stand up to the Wal Mart mafia. And laugh at their ridiculous insistence that workers behave like automatons, smiling and cheering because their masters told them to. Thanks for posting.


Wal Marts target is obviously third-world countries where people will do anything to survive. We keep hearing these stories about WM 'slaves' living on the parking lot and foraging on the store's garbage dump, obviously thats quite real and "the American way" or something.

And in the next episode, Metro group establishes a total monopoly over the european retail sector..

Jim Richard

However, because Chigago is owned by anti-business labor unions, Walmart does not own any stores within the city limits of Chicago. Chicago suffers because it earns no tax revenue from Walmart. Chigago citizens suffer because they cannot get the low prices offered to consumers by Walmart


"Chigago is owned by anti-business labor"

The labor unions are hardly "anti-business". They merely insist that their workers receive a living wage. CostCo's workforce is unionized,and the company is thriving (even in Chicago).


"Chigago citizens suffer because they cannot get the low prices offered to consumers by Walmart."
By the way: I think that was also one of the problems Wal Mart had in Germany: Even with accepting losses they where not able to be cheaper than their opponents. There are supermarket chains in Germany with a very interesting concept: Almost nothing they sell is from advertised brands (neither is the store itself advertised). People go there because they have good experiences and they trust the stores to offer decent products. And the advertisement on a product is something you realy see in the retail prices. Moreover I think Germans have an animosity towards commercials that I have not so much encountered in the US.


Wal Mart konnte auf dem Deutschen Markt, den ich übrigens in der Sparte als unethisch erachte, keinen Fuß fassen. Die Konkurrenz in Deutschland ist und war einfach zu groß und es gibt hier schon viele erfolgreiche Discounter.

It's hard to get part in the Discounter Branche in Germany. There are well organized and long time settled Companies who have a good influence on politics. Also in Germany the bueraucracy overhead is big and costs much

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