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August 03, 2006


Omar Abo-Namous

by the way: does anyone know where extrablog is??


Olaf has said that he will reappear with a new blog later this summer.


Good news!

With this great hosts i consider to be part of it.

GM Roper

Welcome aboard, I'm looking forward to both contributing and to seeing you as host. Joerg and I started the Carnival in December of last year to bolster commentary and dialogue between Germany and America and so far it has been a great success. I suspect, that with the quality of your writing you will be a perfect host.

Hopefully, Joerg and I will take December's Carnival as well. Here's to some very good reading.


Thank you, GM.

We would be honored should you contribute to the carnival. I have always valued your opinions on transatlantic relations.

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