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September 06, 2006



Well I happened to know one of these "Anti-Germans". In all honesty, he used to have a small home altar dedicated to the Rote Armee Fraktion in his former life as a pretended leftist. Mainly they are a bunch of violent xenophobes. Being foreigner in Germany I see them as the next relatives of the neo-nazis, just as radical only with a slightly different bend. As their hero Bush represents the DVU/NPD spectrum of Germany but they can't subscribe to it, maybe the best idea is to see a splitting of the radical, irrational political groups into Neo-Nazis and Anti-Germans.


That is extremely paradoxical that the anti-Germans are xenophobic. It is a bizzare development. The left in the US is divided over Israel, but I don't see any extremist movement here that is comparable to the anti-Germans.


It has nothing to do with left or right. These 'leftists' always just wanted a better world by forcing people into it.

The most extreme ones took the opportunity Bush represented and went a bit nuts. Take Horst Mahler who "went all the way", literally nuts. Some other anti-Germans see themselves as "real communists" and follow a crude end-of-history ideology where the end result is inevitable Communism for all. By supporting the US and Israel this is supposed to happen faster. Nuts.

And the christo-fascists believe it will be Jesus for all, like that.

Brecht had a good piece about big rats and freedom & democracy that fits the anti-germans very well.


Very interesting post David. These sorts of ideological contortions seem uniquely German. And difficult to understand. There also seems to be a Wikipedia page on the Anti-Deutschen.


It appears that the basic position of the "Anti-Deutschen" is (or has become) unconditional solidarity with Israel. This is difficult to understand--doesn't solidarity with a nation, regardless of the principles involved, affirm the sort of irrational nationalism the group is supposedly against? Not to mention the fact that accusing everyone critical of Israel of anti-semitism is simply going to foster anti-semitism, rather than mitigate it.

The sad truth is that real anti-semitism is likely to sharply rise in the next years, largely as a result of neoconservative policies.

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