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October 06, 2006



this is so.. provincial. Should be clear that Soros is attacked for being a leftist in word and deed. US-American hate culture can not attack jewish or black people openly anymore, it's the Muslims who get murdered by the thousands, don't you think?

How about you actually take a trip to Europe. Here we have for ex. Blocher who recently won 'his' anti-foreigner referendum in Switzerland. The guy goes on the main evening news shows and proudly announces that yes of course, this referendum makes a lot of Jews unhappy.


No, it's not true that American hate culture no longer attacks blacks and Jews. However, it has certainly been driven more deeply underground than, say, thirty years ago.

Hastert using antisemitic code? Nah. I don't like the Republicans either but, come on, this doesn't make political sense. The days have long passed when when the GOP was a bunch of WASPs trying to figure out how to keep "ethnics" out of the local country club. It's all about money and phony values now.

You are aware that the chairman of the RNC is Jewish, right?



Ken Mehlman is Jewish AND Gay. Undoubtedly he has some "issues" to deal with...

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