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November 26, 2006


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Probably one of the only and last times that the political process in the USA worked as intended. This Johanna could have almost used the "Freiheit der Andersdenkenden" phrase, right?

Too bad it all went downhill with McCarthy, the Cold War and all that. The rule of law in the USA proabably ended sometime around the JFK and MLK assassinations. Nowadays their dreams are rotting corpses, eaten by fascism amd militarism.


Political freedom is like a communications network: When it works you might not even feel it exists at all. You only realize it's there when something goes wrong.



Yes, and I can feel we are increasingly becoming less free.

We need people like Dorothy Thompson now more than ever.


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It was this book which so infuriated Goebbels and resulted in her expulsion.

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Dorothy Thompson was, next to Eleanor Roosevelt, the most influential woman in America, and she used this influence to keep the Geist of a free Germany alive though the darkest days of the war. Thanks to her, the German exiles suffered only minor consequences during this period : for the most part they were not viewed as "enemy aliens".

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