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November 06, 2006


your fan

Again you are confused and incoherent David. How could they lose "purity of language" if "Hitler", you meant to say the fascist dictatorship, enforced the idea of "purity" like nothing else.

Would it not be down to lack of intellectual stimulus in their new homes, cultural barriers etc. Basically everybody can pick up a highly simplified and eroded language like English, thats why it is so popular. Well I guess the morale is you don't go to the USA unless you really have to, and it's a really bad terrain for the Arts.


ich halte das für eine durchaus realistische einschaetzung der lage der schreibenden exilanten. schliesslich geht es beim professionellen schreiben nicht um simples sich-ausdruecken-koennen, sondern eben um kunst. genau d a s ist der grund, aus dem ich bedaure, nicht englisch zu koennen: ich weiss, dass ich in meiner muttersprache sehr viel groessere moeglichkeiten habe.mit dem, was in aller welt gesprochen wird, hat meine vorstellung von sprache nur wenig zu tun.


on the assault on the German language in the NS-period, see
Karl-Heinz Brackmann / Renate Birkenauer: "NS-Deutsch". You might learn something.

your fan

It's quite stunning David. You tell us that "purity of language" makes a good artist, you tell us that "Hitler" and not a fascist movement and bureaucracy was responsible. There are examples of superb artists like Fischinger who also didn't make it in exile, but not because they lost their purity. Back then like today there is no place for non-commercial, non-coopted art in the US. Plus you know very well that nobody could have legally given these Germans an employment during WW2.

On your recommended book, actually most of the inspiration for Nazi propaganda came from England and its Empire, who were regarded by the Nazis as the very masters of propaganda. Well the book I'm going to recommend you is the classic 1984, try to understand what happens to the English language there, what makes expression of dissent outright impossible.

For current Neo-Nazi language, the best place to study this phenomenon is US-American TV like CNN. It's all right there in its fantastic stupidity. A razed town is collateral damage, a racist war of agression is democratic regime change and winning hearts and minds. Language of the Empire.

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