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January 08, 2007



"what was nothing more than a revenge murder."

I beg to differ.
It might have looked like "revenge murder," but the the trial was more or less fair, wasn't it?

Why do you call it "revenge murder"?

RE Camus: Who was the philosopher (?) who said that execution should be televised in order to convince people to abolish the death penalty?
He hoped that people would react like Camus' father.

How much of the execution was shown on US TV?

I am asking because
a) there was a debate on tagesschau blog:

b) this happened:
A 10-year-old Texas boy was apparently mimicking Saddam Hussein’s execution when he hanged himself from a bunk bed, police and family members said. The boy was described as happy and curious. He had watched TV news with his uncle and asked him about Saddam's death.

The mobile video of the execution was not shown on US TV, I assume...?

Though many blogs have put it online.

What effect will that have?

A positive one (see Camus' experience) or a negative one (further brutalization of society)?

After every school shooting, computer games are blamed.

Though, so far nobody has made a fuss about the execution video.

Youtube was forced by court to (try to) ban some intimate video of supermodel daniela cicarelli.
Is Youtube even trying to ban the mobile version of the Saddam execution video?

I am asking because I have the impression that Germany tolerates quite a lot of sex on TV, but is quite strict about violence on TV.

In the US it might be the opposite: Very strict about sex, but quite tolerant about violence.

It would be fascinating to look at the rating of horror and sexually explicit movies in the US and Germany.



Surely you have by now seen the cell phone video of the "execution"; it was a lynching carried out by thugs of the Madhi miliitia. That's why I called it a "revenge murder".

I am completely opposed to capital punishment, but if Americans insist on killing citizens then it should be done in the open - as Camus proposed. Of course it is not appropriate for kids to see, but that is the inevitable outcome of a sick and dehumanizing process.
(Fortunately I live in one of the 12 US states that has banned capital punishment - New Jersey may follow soon).


Please allow me to play hardball:

So the fair trial and the laws and customs in this country (and in the region) do not count?
The way the decision to execute Saddam was made is of no importance to you?
You call it "revenge murder" because only the awful implementation of that decision counts?

"Of course it is not appropriate for kids to see, but that is the inevitable outcome of a sick and dehumanizing process."

So you think it is worth taking the risk that some kids might see it?

And what about the "dehumanizing process" for young adults? Perhaps some will enjoy seeing executions and want more executions rather than less?

I know, these are difficult and annoying questions...


Joerg, we all knew that Saddam would be executed and I wouldn't be surprized to hear the whole thing, including audio, was live-streamed to the Bush family. And I wouldn't be surprized if the barbarism of Saddam's executioners was just what the shiites thought George.W. would like to see.

A fair trial? With hear-say evidence, anonymous witnesses and three of Saddam's lawyers murdered? A death sentence under the rule of sharia?

The death penalty cannot bring justice to the dead, the dead are dead dead dead, they cannot receive anything anymore. The death penalty only satisfies the public desire for revenge, how ever it is labeled. Political, maybe religious revenge, in Saddam's case.


Surprize, a typo! Could you edit that, David?




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