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February 14, 2007


David Zatz

Better GM than Mercedes; unfortunately, it seems that no matter how much Mercedes benefits from Chrysler (royalties, consulting payments, Chrysler Credit, four wheel drive system designs, expertise in manufacturing - and that IS being applied, cheaper parts through larger orders, etc., etc.), the "leaders" will only demean and insult Chrysler and moan and cry about the money they've lost - money that was lost due to their own incompetence, interference, promotion of brown-nosers, and driving-away of anyone with the capability of saying "no." They've been getting their way in the media for a long time, even though Chrysler's profits are quite visible in graph form - massive and building up through to 1998, then not so good in 1999, then losses for every Daimler-led year.

I'd be happy with Chrysler under GM. Sure, it would be the death of the company, even more than it has been so far, but it would be a quicker, less painful death, and I doubt if GM would be constantly bad-mouthing any remaining vehicles or brands.

Unfortunately, I think this is just another media speculation gone mad.

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