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March 21, 2007



+++ For a liberal, tolerance should be in the first place, then come civil rights, then come a big manure heap and then come the economy.

+++ I'd like to underscore that Statler & Waldorf, unlike Die Achse des Guten, have clearly objected islamophobia and xenophobia, so in context the example you gave is somehow misleading.

+++ Let's hope the German liberals will never discover that they have more in common with Russian liberals like Anatolij Chubais, chairman of United Energy System (RAO UES), Russia's energy monopoly:"Russia's ideology in the 21st century should be liberal capitalism with the aim of creating a liberal empire... Russian culture must be promoted along with the culture of its neighbouring countries, Russian business must be allowed to expand and the basic elements of freedom and democracy in Russia and the CIS must be protected." Official name of the strategy: Possessions in Exchange for Debt (with CIS member states, like Armenia and Georgia)


My apologies to Statler&Waldorf for any misunderstanding. I know they came out forcefully against the hate blog "Politically Incorrect" - and good for them.


I think that there are a lot of different positions im German liberalism as well as in the US version. Just look at our blog - all of us writing there consider ourselves to be liberals, but we often have different opinions of what exactly is the best way to achieve more freedom.
On the other hand, the US Democrats contain a good amount of people who have more of a social democratic view, where freedom isn't the most important issue, but social change is.



Thanks. We still miss your old blog: Die liberale Stimme

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