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June 20, 2007



The SPD is in trouble now: How can they reject Lafontaine's agenda without reminding the audience that once that agenda was their own - long before they felt they had to betray the voters and elect a conservative chancelor...

The small people in Germany are frustrated and disappointed - and so are about 30% of the socialdemocrats themselves. The One-Euro-Job wasn't a neocon invention, it was invented by the SPD. The number of children living in poverty has tripled under social ministers of the SPD. More and more people depend on public welfare although they are working 40 hours the week or more.

Maybe Die Linke. will not solve all our nation's problems, or at least the small people's problems - but: At last we have a left party again that doesn't reduce itself to only explain why everybody who is poor has yet more to give and less to get.

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