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June 18, 2007


Scott Kern

I once attended a speech at NYU's Deutsches Haus where it came up that at the height of the Vietnam War (1967 I think) the Gruppe 47 had their annual meeting at Princeton University. Apparently, the question of solidarity with America and the 'liberal West' in general was hotly debated, with writers like Grass on the pro-America side, even though none of these guys (as far as I know) supported the war in Vietnam. Grass political positioning was similar to Habermas--his steadfast Anglo-American sympathies were seen as a betrayal by many in the left, especially among the New Left. I'm told some enterprising student wrote a Magisterarbeit on the Princeton meeting--would make for an interesting read I'm sure.


Scott -
Actually it was 1966. That particular meeting was also noteworthy in that a then unknown young writer - Peter Handke - stood up and accused the group of "imaginative impotence".

Many historians point to that episode as the beginning of the end of the Group 47's influence.

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