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July 30, 2007



The alignment with PI is the best he could do to ruin his own campaign! First gear, second gear, third gear, KLONK!


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I am sorry, are you trying to say that Ulfkotte's Book doesn't make any sense? May I ask you: where do you live? In my URL section I forward an Internet site address. There you will be able to free download textes which should allow you to understand that Islam has nothing to do with laicity and democracy. The question now isn't about Ulfkotte but about "you": what do you want for the West? Sahri'a? Good-bye.


Hi French,
I live in the United States, with Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Hindu neighbors.


Dear David, I am very glad that you live in USA. But Ulfkotte lives in Europe, and he gives an European point of view on Islam, which you know, isn't simply a religion but is politics. And, if you don't mind, European values are based on laicity. In Europe people tries to consider women rights and children rights, thing that in Islam doesn't happen, since there a woman worths a half of a man, and children can get married, as soon as they get fertile (females, above all). Never heard about domestic (allowed) violence in Islam? And what about (allowed) sexuality on children? And there is much more. A part of criticizing Ulfkotte, who, according to me, just did a great job, why don't you tell me/us what a marvellous experience did you (personally? Or at a society level?) do with Islam? Thank you. Kindest regards.


I am Christian but I have Muslim friends and coworkers who have the same dreams and aspirations for their families as I do.

If you weren't consumed by hate - like your friend Udo Ulfkotte - you might try to befriend some Muslims and discover that you have much more in common with them than you might imagine.

Also, I am friends with the bloggers that Ulfkotte sued, so I can never share your point of view about your hero.


I know about Islam more than you know and I experienced of it more than you did. If you are still comparing Islam with Christianity, you are simply out of the track. Islam is a matter of politics. Do you know what is Shari'a? Do you know what are the goals that the Ummah (Islamic nation) would like to achieve? If consciously or unconsciously you do not know, and you do not want to know, the only thing I can wish you is: HAVE A GOOD SLEEP! To be able to think objectively doesn't mean to hate others in a simply emotional and ignorant way. I hope you will be able to understand it. Thank you for your answer and good bye.


French, have you ever actually read the Qu'ran?

The Muslims I know don't practice Jihad or dream of "Ummah". They just want to worship God in peace, as do I.


Dear, I do not know what kind of islamic people live close to you, anyway Islam ist a matter of Qouran and Sounnah (life of their prophet, which practiced poligamy, married a child and had sex with it, had slaves and seems that he also raped them, recommended circoumcision for males and females, ...). The jihad they can practice is to increase in number, not only in their islamic countries, but also in western countries, and anyway get money from the west for their people and getting western passports for their people. No, they do not need money because they are poor, nor need they a passport because they like to live in the West and respect western laicity. They want what belongs to the west because THEY WANT. So is islamic mentality, and if your neighbours look to be peaceful, it is still an appearence. Should see what's preached in the mosque, where they go, not only on Friday but also in the meeting days. I repeat: Shari'a/Islam is politics, and is a totalitarism (confirmed by islamic people, who believe and practice their religion, who follow their party). They worship AlLah, which I was thinking had to do with God, but I was wrong. AlLah is always AlLah, no matter if they are talking French, German, or whatever else. And they anyway follow not God but their prophet. Anyway, if your neighbours do not like to follow Islam, but say anyway to be islamic, they have to say it because usually if one was born from islamic parents, then he/she HAS TO be an islamic person, and HAS TO "vote for" that "party" for the rest of his/her life. As you know, there are "fatwa" ordering to kill those who leave Islam -peaceful religion?-. I hope you will learn more about Islam's head quarters, like Saudi Arabia -Mekka- and AlAzhar in Egypt. How exactely is structured Islam. So you will stop to project your point of view on others. They do not think like you, like us. They have a quite different vision of the world and of the others (us included). Fatwa of Ibn-Baz: "islamic men can go to the West for studying or working, and are allowed to trick non-islamic women, pretending to love them. When they achieve their goal (diplom, passport, richness), they can abandone the woman and go back to their islamic country. Islamic men can just lie to non-islamic women (they can just trick western women), they should not do it with islamic women". Ibn-Baz: the highest religious (?) authority of Saudi Arabia, the head quarter of Islam. So: how does it sound? I hope you will avoid get illuded about Islam, and that you will be able to see the reality of it. I am not talking against humans, I am talking about a dangerous doctrine. We in Europe already had such kind of doctrines (totalitarism) and we know how much they are dangerous: we REFUSE to have something like this again. Maybe you in USA, you do not know about totalitarism, and that's why you are -it seems- wellcoming Islam .... I wish you will we able to learn from (european) History and avoid to do the mistake, of wellcoming a dangerous docrtine, which washes brains and turn people into killers. That's it. I wish you a good day (here is about night, by you, I think, it is day). Take care.

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