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August 05, 2007



ich halte, wie du weißt, nicht viel vom politisch-korrektsein.
aber ich finde es bedenklich, daß inzwischen überall auf der welt vertreter der politik die angst vor dem (islamischen) terrorismus und damit den haß schüren. Ich glaube nicht, daß sie sich dieser wirkung nicht bewußt sind.
da wünscht man sich beinahe die zeiten politisch-korrekter redekontrolle zurück.

... und das war m e i n e fanpost.


And my fan post is, that the German Translation of your post on Islamofascism was todays "Hawt Post" of German wordpress.


And the lunatic fringe is still cheering Tancredo for his statement. Nuts. The really sad thing about this is that moderate people (Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Deists, whatnot) fall between the cracks while the radicals on both site start to garner more and more attention. And at some point people start to believe that there are really only two choices left: Either sharia law or the policy of the lunatic fringe.

The really scary part is that the same mechanisms can be seen in the Netherlands as well. As you can read here:

And Holland was the last country I expected to become a frontline in this ridiculous "Clash of the Cultures" ...

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