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September 09, 2007



eva herman ist ein beispiel von vielen in der deutschen politik- und medienlandschaft. scheinbar plötzlich ist es wieder opportun, dinge zu sagen - öffentlich - für die wir uns noch vor zwei jahren geschämt hätten.

sind wir deutschen wieder WER? also jemand, der sich keine gedanken um das mehr machen muß, was vor kurzem noch als bedenklich galt?

ich jedenfalls finde es bedenklich, seit einiger zeit schon, wenn herman ihr wirres gedankengut öffentlich äußern kann (im letzten jahr hielt ich sie noch für einfach dumm; diesmal kann ich jedoch nicht mehr an gedankenlosigkeit glauben) genauso wie wenn zweihundert nazis (in jena dieser tage passiert) vor zweieinhalbtausend nazigegner "beschützt" werden.

die tatsache, daß auch in anderen teilen der welt ein rechtsruck passiert, sollte uns deutschen keine rechtfertigung bieten. wir wissen es schließlich besser.


"daß auch in anderen teilen der welt ein rechtsruck passiert" -

jetzt fuehle ich mich als amerikaner betroffen...aber es stimmt.


der gedanke, daß dieser "rechtsruck" nicht nur in deutschland und amerika passiert, sondern in allerhand anderen europäischen ländern auch, macht die sache ja nicht besser ...


"What I wanted to express was that values which also existed before the Third Reich, such as family, children and motherhood, which were supported in the Third Reich, were subsequently done away with by the 68ers"

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that statement. The fact that she was fired for saying that just shows there's a new authoritarianism in Germany.

Just wondering, do you support the Nazi 1938 law banning home schooling? Is that authoritarianism you can get behind?


Homeschooling ban is not "nazi", it's a feature of all civilized societies.

Eva Herrmanns stupidity lies in the fact of using the Nazis for commercial purposes.

Why did't she quote those pre-fascist "familiy values" from some other ultra-conservative source? Well, because their are even more out of style than the Nazis.

Hope that helps you wooly-brained yarryarr. Are you a victim of home schooling, btw?


I think she did the right thing. She has an opinion and is taking a clear position. She never said NAZI Deutschland was great not with one word. She only choose the value of the family as it existed in and BEFORE the third reich. People you have to listen to that women! And by the way, be it right wing or left, in a democratic country, one must be able to say what one is thinking! As soon as that is not possible anymore you don't have democracy anymore either. With the J.B: Kerner show and Eva Herrmann as guest, the german mainstream media just proved one thing. There is no real democracy in Germany. I wonder how long the german people are willing take that kind of hypocrisy?

Deutschland, das sind wir selber! Heine


Andre -

Her thesis is that all was well with women in Germany until the "68ers" ruined everything. What happened then was women were given the option to pursue careers and their destinies were no longer determined by how many babies they had.

Herman expresses nostalgia for the time when women were first and foremost baby factories; this reached its apogee in the Third Reich, which is why she prefers that period of history to "'68" and the birth of modern feminism.

Christen Bell

The fact that feministic opinions are promoted in relationship with the "nazis" is not very helpful at all for this types of subjects. Even if the conclusions are good, the association with that regime is still being made, which is not in the best interest of women.

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