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September 08, 2007



In other news, more than one million people have been killed by Imperial aggression in Iraq. Israel continues to build a racist separation wall. The doomsday cult of Dominionism has gripped at least third of all US-Americans, making them long for Armageddon and the conversion of the Jews. The rule of law has been abandoned and the former "western democracy" has turned into a genocidal neo-nazi juggernaut.


"The Christian Taliban."

They shall smite the evil social health care, (and that free education stuff too).


"anti-German Bush-blog Medienkritik"

@thanks for calling a spate a spate.
The only question is: Who is more pathetic, the people running the site and their 'supporters' or those
who take them seriously and bother to deal with them . . . ?
It could have been a good website for everyone who's concerned about German-American relations but rather than visiting DMK you can go to little green footballs, michelle malkin and enjoy 'fair and ballanced' Bill O'Reilly. Same spin, same propaganda, same hubris.

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