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November 21, 2007



Steinberg's message is unclear.

"Putin ist ein Pazifist wider Willen"

So, Putin can't be as much of a danger, because the russian millitary isn't up to the game. Fine, they really can't afford another Chechnya.. But isn't it the same with Bush et al? Bush simply can't afford to attack Iran (for example), because the military power of the US would be "overstretched". The Bush administration has shown more than enough times that it doesn't care about public opinion. So, where is the difference??

And let's not mention his evaluation of Chinese interventionism..

Me, i think every state chief is trying to pursue goals. These goals don't necessarily have to be in the best interest of the state. The damage he can inflict is merely limited by his willingness to lie (to get the people to stand behind him) and willingness of the military to get on with "the job".. Look at turkey and their "let's-kill-some-turks" plans..

Where Helmut Schmidt lies correct is by comparing the estimated casualties of US- and russian actions in the past 5-10 years..

I really do hope US-citizens vote for someone who will truly think twice about killing humans preemptively. And though, David, you won't like it, but i don't think that Obama is that person..



I can understand some of your skepticism but Barack Obama:
1)Is the only major candidate in either party who vocally opposed the invasion of Iraq in 2002/2003.
2)Is the only candidate who has nuclear disarmament as part of his foreign policy platform;
3) Is the only candidate who has stated that if elected he would meet with the leaders of Iran without preconditions.
4) Is the only candidate who spent his formative years in a Third World country.

To me, he is the best hope for a better America on the world stage.


Yes, but will Americans elect Obama?

Russia has been pretty aggressive towards its "near abroad." Is nobody taking issue with Schmidt's comment in the quote in this post?

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