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December 31, 2007



Do keep in mind that Clinton fired those campaign workers. Did the article mention that? My internet connection is having problems, so I can't access the ND site.
Anyway, lots of people won't vote for him because he's black, but they would never admit that.
You are to be admired greatly for your activism in Obama's behalf.
I would vote for him, but the question I ask myself is this: Would he be allowed to govern?
Our ship of state is sinking. That is why I feel I have to go with Hillary Clinton, in spite of all my reservations about her.

Sem Prada

It is amazing to watch money evolve from worthwhile to worthless.The United States is running the country on borrowed money. People are not succeeding in life, they are buying success and going bankrupt because they are not following any restraint or fear of loss. Their is always cheaper money to buy in the US. This is so dangerous and I believe the value of the US dollar would crash if the actual value that is placed on our own currency was understood by the rest of the world.


i think its amazing how ridiculously blind the american people are. obama is just as deceptive and manipulative as any other politician. and the question isn't will he be allowed to govern? the question is: is he capable of governing the nation? this is a question americans failed to ask when voting for pres. bush. instead we thought of questions like - who is more 'electable' i.e. someone i want to be friends with?

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