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February 05, 2008



In this same book, there is a diagram of all the Dark nations he speaks of.... the land masses are swarthy... dark, pictured in black ink, dark. Russia as well has a swarthy past. Also in the book Bastards, Hitler was never against Swarthy people especially American Swarthy ones... he referred to us as The Jewels of God. Race only becomes a factor when the whites want the LAND! American swarthy ones are the Indigenous of this land. meaning we were cultivated here. We are the only group Aboriginal to this land. The only non-import.

Malik Bey

The true kings and Queens of Europe was of Swarthy complexion ie dark skin meaning they was Moors this is a fact no more lies about some one else's History with this Hollywood fantasy about history was of pale skin when in fact it was far from the truth and now come into question was the founding so called fathers also of swarthy complexion starting with George Washington in which i know of no pale skin with the last name Washington they are all people of dark skin ie Moor has nothing to do with belief for i'm a moor here in the America's born and raised and know who the true foreigners are and they are not of Coppertone and differently not the $5 Indians which is a whole new story read the negro question part 7 - Swarthy memoirs of a black american revolution 1775-1783 and will see who the true people of that time was...Smh

the unveiler

Yessir to anyone who didn’t comprehend what Benjamin Franklin was stating when he said the Europeans were of a swarthy or tawny complexion. He really
Means these people were of the darker shade “black” which is just a “color” not a race. “Black people were in rulership during those times and the “white” man was not, they were more oppressed. Really changing the narrative that “white” people, which is just “color” not a race were in fact inferior. Hence why he says “in sight of being in front of superior beings” meaning they were the “minority,” which is just a label, and the other people of “color” were the majority in rulership. Great letter Mr. Franklin!


How can you discover a land, that was already inhabited?
How is that a new land? No one is white or black. They are shades. Pure white, really? Pure black, really? What type of crayon would I use, if I had to draw a picture of you?
Don’t forget, your body adapts to its environment. Complexion, body type, hair color, eyes, noses etc. I believe everyone is mixed. No one is pure. Especially not pure white or pure black. That is a joke. Intelligence is bliss.

the unveiler

Ben Franklin is saying that these people were so called “black” what is so hard to understand about this? I know it’s hard to get rid of this narrative we’ve been indoctrinated with, but it’s not that hard to understand. It’s much harder to accept as I can see judging by these comments. Do a little more research and you’ll see for yourself. The thirteenth tribe by Arthur Koestler will give you much insight into where the so called “Caucasian” came from. Peace.

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