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February 16, 2008



If you are interested what wegner said in german:


Gysi's suspicion is absurd.

When the (mainly West German) WASG and the (mainly East German) PDS fusioned to form the Linkspartei, a lot of articles were published, all were about some old West German trotskists and DKP (Deutsche kommunistische Partei) members who now had the rather bizarre opportunity to get elected because of the collapse of the GDR and the unification. And even after this event, newspapers regularly published articles about the infiltration tactics of the old radical left. See, for instance, the Tagesspiegel article "Marx ist Muss" from 9/2/2007:

During the recent campaign in the West German state of Hesse, it was a member of the Linkspartei himself (!) who warned not to elect his party because of such political kooks:

"Karl-Klaus Sieloff, Direktkandidat im Lahn-Dill-Kreis, rät inzwischen von der Wahl seiner Partei ab. "In meinem Kreisverband haben Kommunisten und Anarchisten die Mehrheit übernommen, die wollen eine Räterepublik. Da ist Chaos angesagt", sagt der 58-Jährige SPIEGEL ONLINE. Eine solche Ausrichtung könne er mit seinem Gewissen nicht vereinbaren. In seinem Kreisverband würden Linke "von der untergegangenen DDR träumen", hatte er zuvor dem "Focus" gesagt."

The original Panorama TV article (upper right corner - "Video") including additional material is freely available at:


Wow, what a monumentally stupid and insensitive thing to say..... The Left Party's position is precarious--they need much more discipline if they hope to survive.

But then again, this is also a gotcha story. As a matter of pure theory, it isn't untrue that if a socialist society emerged in Western Europe, there would be forces from within and without trying to sabotage it.

But to actually say they'll need "something like the Stasi".... Well, at that point she pretty much gave up any basis for critisizing the eroision of civil liberties in liberal democracies.



Thanks for the link to the Tagesspiegel article. It's funny that Lafontaine would get involved with these types. But now I can better understand the refusal of the SPD to get involved.


You think that this is insensitive to say, but what about countries that are actively doing this?

Has anyone heard Obama's plans for America if he is elected?


Does anyone actually know what is happening in democractic countries right now?


The Stasi is fully active in many democratic countries, they are just not called that or named that but the actions are the same.

Look up the term Gang Stalking.

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