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February 08, 2008


Scott Kern

I don't have much use for patriotism either.... but I like the concept of "constitutional patriotism"....




Sounds interesting. Did the concept originate with Habermas?

From Amazon:

"Müller's theory of constitutional patriotism responds to the challenges of the de facto multiculturalism of today's states--with a number of concrete policy implications about immigration and the preconditions for citizenship clearly spelled out. And it asks what civic empowerment could mean in a globalizing world."


It not a bad thing to be militant in the real world dude. What futurist utopian planet do you live on? I think you've watched too much Star Trek. Last time I checked, its a rough world out there. Our kids need to be ready, strong and able to tackel the future. The philosophy of moral relativism create kids( and nations) who are weak and indecisive when their nation faces danger. It also robs children of nation pride, hope, joy & honor for there fore fathers. While you're worried our kids might touch a gun, another father in some other part of the world is training his kid to shot you're kid's head off. Think about that smart guy.

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