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March 30, 2008



This "race" thing is another anglophone primitivism that they're trying to colonize the world with. Nevermind that it is purely a cultural construct which doesn't even have analogous developments in many parts of the world.

Anglophone slavery may well have been a greater crime than the holocaust because it laid the foundations for the divisions between the presumed "races", which persist until today.

Obama's speech about "race" is the same hot air and bullshit as anything this guy is selling. It's really about upholding the status quo and trying to push more advanced societies toward the eternal 19th century of the anglophone world.

They'll do anything to not acknowledge that democracy and civilisation are by-products of economic development, even if the USA and its darling Israel are now the very last openly racist countries on the face of the planet.

The whole racist fallacy that it's about color of skin and similarly nasty cultural theories... all thats important is economic inequality. The slaves were not shipped to the USA because of their color of skin but to be exploited for labor.


Well, it's obvious you didn't read Obama's speech. Nor did you read Senocak's essay.

You apparently know as much about the United States as did your hero V.N.Lenin.


I think your false ad-homs only represent the breakdown of your logic. Try picking up up an argument for change.

I'm actually quite happy to be vindicated like that :)


Sorry, but if in your mind every US Democrat is a "fascist" I don't see any reason to engage in discussion.


I never wrote "fascist". You're too uncomfortable with this, right?

Your reasoning doesn't go any further than supposing the whole world grew up on a plantation and a charismatic preppy kid is going to "change" that now for us. Thank you very much.


Anonymous screeds are so convincing.

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