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March 19, 2008



Will we understand the need for restitution, or will we just congratulate ourselves for being a great country, if wrong on this one little point? A country that has suffered enough and now deserves an era of good feeling?
I am particularly put out by the people who say they were always against the war when in fact they backed it at the time, and I heard them say so. And even though I continue to support Clinton, she was wrong to vote for the war powers. It really is not possible to know if Obama would have voted for them, which gives him a clean record.
What I think is that we are all implicated in this war, some more than others, of course.
There is no reason we should be spared anything,not after what our country has done to Iraq.

Vic Clogger

George W Bush war ein richtiger Furtzenclown!

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