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April 19, 2008



Ouch. My German teacher in high school was one Frl. Seidel. No relation, I hope.
We learned about the "good Germany" from her, reading only sentimental and improving literature. German history stopped at 1932. This was typical in my day.

philip kuhn

Thank you for your short pieces on Kolmar. You may be intersted to know that there is a Conference on Kolmar in Weimar next March (2010). You may also be interested in my essay on Kolmar which you can read at

i am also currently tranlsating Welten in collaboration with my friend Ruth von Zimmermann

best wishes

philip kuhn



Thanks! I downloaded and read your essay with great interest. I applaud your efforts to make Kolmar better known to the the English speaking world. As you point out, she is also underappreciated in Germany. With projects such as yours and Julian Marshall's that will change!

mark shelton

The dark irony is that Ina Seidel was jewish- all Seidels are Jewish in blood.
many Seidels were murdered at the hands of the Nazis-
and strangely certain Seidels were regraded by the Germans as being German not jewish.eg Von Seidel high ranking German Officer.
Ina Seidel used her gift of Poetry to glorify the murderers of her own people.

mark shelton

i think- perhaps that climate of fear -which drove Ina Seidel- to stand on the side that she felt stood a better chance of survival- better to stand against the Jews who were so hated- that admit to be one and die with them ?

Felix de Villiers

I have been looking in vain for passages in which Ina Seidel expresses regret and remorse about what she did to Gertrud Kolmar. Surely I am wrong and there must be a biography in which she suffers overwhelming guilt for what she had done. But she has no way of exolaining it.



I've looked, but have been unable to find a biography of Ina Seidel.

But the good news is that Ina Seidel's literary reputation is fading into obscurity, while Kolmar's star continues to rise...

john carter

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