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April 07, 2008



actually, isn't the greatest difference between Nazi-Germany and Iraq of the 90s and beginning 21st century that iraq hasn't invaded another country to deserve what was done to it?

Think about it this way: iraq was peaceful (the term might not apply fully, but to a great extent) for about 13 years! For 10 years there were sanctions that caused the death of quite a large number of civilians. Then it was invaded under false pretences (of it being a threat).

American troops (and more so the growing number of mercenaries) haven't been very humane in general, so the usual iraqi - who by now has statistically lost at least one member of his family by american troops without being a threat - wouldn't see the point in cooperating with the invaders.

Beside that point america by now has a record of inhumane treatment and bullying (to say the least) and is not to be compared to the relativly 'virgin' America of the 1940s.


The Iraq War was a disaster already from the planning stage. I strongly recommend this two part series from American Public Television: "Bush's War". You can watch the entire documentary online at no charge:


The magnitude of the f***k-up is almost beyond comprehension.


America has never been "virgin" territory. At the very beginning of the Gulf War, a woman was interviewed I think on CNN. As the missiles flew over, she said, "They want to exterminate us, just like the Indians."
What our leaders really want is for the Iraquis to either work for them or to die.

Scott Kern

The fact that these sorts of arguments are made underscores just how phony and intellectually barren neo-con ideology really is. I can't imagine that anyone with rudimentary knowledge of German history could take this stuff seriously.

The essential difference between Germany and Iraq is not simply that the German people were well aware the regime had committed heinous crimes while the case for invading Iraq is more ambiguous. It's not simply that the German culture was more suited to liberal democracy than Iraq. It's also that the alternative to American occupation was Soviet occupation. The fervently anti-communist Germans welcomed the Americans as protectors and continue to do so to this day. Even after the evils of Vietnam and Iraq there is no serious grassroots movement calling for Americans to leave.

Most importantly of all, Americans weren't trying to permanently control German natural resources.

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