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May 29, 2008



The fact that the world is talking about: race, religion, politics, etc. is a positive thing. If you hate Obama because you believe he a muslim, does that mean Jews have the right to hate Germans or Blacks have the right to hate whites?

I would be interested in know what they teach their kids.

jeramiah wright

Michelle Malkins's website is not a racist website. Just for your info.

jeramiah wright

Michelle Malkins's website is not a racist website. Just for your info.


Anyone who celebrates the WWII internment of Japanese-Americans - as Malkin did in her book - is a racist. She compounded it in 2002 by calling for the internment of American Muslims.

jon from America

Obama will flood this country with people from Kenya to try to keep like all other black politicians. If so many inner cities becoming mostly black & mainstream media is doing what they know upsets people & get's them fired up. The country is still mostly white & If you vote for Obama you better get ready for him to start flooding this country with people from Africa that will drain the economy. Why are whites being run out of inner cities when Blacks get into office. It' s not whites being so racist anymore it''s blacks. The rich in the USA will flee to Europe & get into other political systems & be anti USA If you start trying to play with Wall streets money & keep doctors from making the money they should. Obama will cause terroristic action in our on land from our own people. Man how stupid! America isn't ready to be changed there are to many that fought for this land southern whites that hate I mean hate that man & won't allow him to destroy this country. They are having to sit back while blacks are using race garbage cards instead of being thankful they are here instead of Africa that kills there own black people tens of thousands a day starving & shooting them. Obama will ruin this country. I myself get along with black people really good & allot of times find that they will help me when a white person wont. So in no way am against black people I just feel that there are really good blacks & really bad blacks just like there are whites. I see all the neighborhoods that were mostly white 5 years ago & now they are 98% black & the buinesses shut down & now the allot of the black people are really claiming they aren't racist because now you are seeing them say that Mexicans are taking over there neighborhoods. The owners of the store down the street from me are from Kenya these people are some of the nicest people I've met & really so much more thankful to be in this country than some of the blacks that have been here. The problem is Obama has an aunt from Kenya that illegal & he is going to start letting them come over here in large numbers & they are Muslim that come from terroristic backgrounds. You will say he's smarter than that, but since he is from there he thinks he can make peace with his people & there are to many of them tied to terrorist & it will put all of the USA it's not about white or black with these people because they are killing off there own black people, it's about power & money. I wouldn't have a problem if our inner cites weren't being flooded with other races except for white people. Obama is a better spoken person than Mccain & seams like he has faster, better answers for what the US needs. But he just doesn't have the experiance & he is to much of a risk. Snoop dog says vote because an African American could end up in the white house on a Tv commercial. These people are using to much racial comments against white people constantly on Tv & the radio. For you white people think this isn't about race then you have got rude awakening comming. White people are being forced to give up there European heritage by being forced out these inner cities when racist black mayors & govenors get into office. Because they start moving people of there own race into the city, & is it wrong for white people to want to protect our cities & tierd of us being the ones targeted with racial hate. White people are already starting to realize that America is being Hijacked by racist black people. If Obama wins then I have a major feeling white people will start forming extremest groups to take back there country. All these mixed schools that were white & black are becoming all black & the whites are being forced out by using the race card. These people KNOW when a black mayor comes in office they start turning the cities into racist black cities. Yeah you people want change, you will get change if Obama wins. These places like Russia wont support Obama because they will feel there children kids will think it's ok to date out of there race & that stuff doesn't set in good in places like Russia, Germany, Polland & also allot of the USA. Obama is seen as a discrace to other countries because he is of mixed race.


Jon - you are a very sick individual. You need help.

Margaret Gidio

Now that I am 100% African (German engineering - I used to be 100% Northern European) I guess I can feel your hate.


muslims are not a race! So attacks are not racism! Its terrorist attacks against terrorists!


there is no color for stupid

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