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May 13, 2008



Of course what is America about for immigrants like Steingart but the opportunity to get richer and richer? Does anyone think he and that other immigrant Murdoch care about ordinary Americans?
Why don't those immigrants get bashed instead of the ones who come here just to seek a decent life?


I don't think he is an immigrant. He is just an expat currently working in America for Spiegel and looking forward to return to German, when he needs the welfare system.

Steingart lists Dialog International among his references on his personal homepage...


@jörg: irgendwann, wenn es ihnen nicht mehr so gut geht, kommen sie alle zurück nach deutschland oder rufen nach der hilfe der regierung (des steuerzahers).


I guess by definition Germans are not immigrants but rather emigrees or ex-pats. Which sounds so much nicer.


Steingart needs to get out from the Beltway Bubble and meet ordinary, struggling Americans. Maybe then he can do some real reporting to his readers in Germany.

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