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July 29, 2008



Shows you how much of a fake the whole Obama Inc. is, that false claim about "black people" in "german fairytales".

Btw. the title of her thesis is very funny, I'm sure a jet-setting stipendiate really needs to write such things :)

However, there are no black people in "German fairytales" because the brothers Grimm collected and redacted a body of really ancient folk yarns. Only german Americans would have been running plantations then, but I heard they were very small in this line of business too.

It's just stunning how the US-Americans for the sake of their global colonization try to put a racial/racist perspective onto everything.


Auma is Kenyan, not "US-American".

Are you saying that racial prejudice only exists in America and not Germany?


"However, there are no black people in "German fairytales""

You are also very ignorant when it comes to German fairy tales. I guess you never read "Die weisse und die schwarze Braut"

"Da zürnte der liebe Gott über die Mutter und Tochter, wendete ihnen den Rücken zu und verwünschte sie, dass sie sollten schwarz werden wie die Nacht und hässlich wie die Sünde."

As a Germanist, Auna knows her Maerchen.


She sounds fascinating. Of course racism is not limited to children's tales in German. There is a good deal of racist material available in English, too.


No, the problem is that corrupted scientists like her need to invent things like "racism" to get attention.

These people do not realize that they are merely perpetuating the old and false, but also formerly scientific theories about "race" while ignoring everything else.

A black/white dichotomy in a fairytale where everything is symbolic and went through multiple layers of tradition is only "racism" to a very narrowminded person.

Should we just call them Puritans? But this is a similar problem as the synthetic "leftist antisemitism" that is being invented by Nazi apologists.


Hattie - are you by any chance caucasian?


Scratching the surface? Yes. Auma Obama deconstructs what the stereotypical media had portrayed of the family of the late Dr. Barack Obama, as a former goatherd who went to Harvad by accident. Auma like her father worked for her PhD and this should be sufficient to dispel the goatherd theory that the western media so likes to advance about anything African. In my lifetime, I have seen a lot of golddiggers in Africa from the west. Isn't it time we realized that at least all people are potentially equal? Why don't they talk about the opportunities of becoming rich by going to Africa? It has most of the time been what an African gets when they go to the west!

Arto Jutu

I just saw her on the idiot box (TV, German first channel ARD, ad-free)

She is 100% normal, unlike most mental US americans who are full of small-minded hate and chauvinism.

So what if she has a cushy job? The way she speaks german... nearly flawless ... means that she has worked a lot over a long time.

Just one indication.

Unlike her brother she doesn't kill people without trial or hearing.

Barack, like nearly every other US president would be hanged if the Nuremberg laws were applied.

The world is about truths. Not about innuendo.

If you are interested in reality, then learn about the Strategy of Tension (aka Rule By Fear)

The average US-american is shitting his pants of terrorism and economic meltdown. That is fully intentional.



Well....the problem is...when one of us goes to Germany....the only way we get REAL attention is to involve ourselves in petty race issues....I don't know so much about German fairy tales I'll give you that.....but the truth is....there are at least a dozen Kenyan fairy tales that scare children with tales of ghostly white children....and no one even blinks an eye....something is only bad when you say it is bad I suppose....otherwise no scrutiny...and no problem..

Milton Bowman

Well....I do find it kind of hard to believe that someone would go all the way to Germany from far away, and then critique a whole culture based on some nursery ryhmes in a few fairy tales from over one thousand years ago...that she would do that seems like a fairy tale in itself..

Aleh Ayaba

All that you have said comes across as the height of stupidity. That lady, Auma is speaking about life from her perspective of testimony. Its either you accept it or reject it and stop criticising the person rather than her view.


Regardless of other opinions, I see Auma as a well educated,intelligent,and wonderful humanitarian.So there.


there is nothing called UN CARE program. She worked for CARE the INGO as a project manager on sports for social change

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