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July 30, 2008



i think the nicest detail about this is that such media outlets as Der Spiegel which on their side have been degraded to nothing more than a better boulevard press after being a well researched paper are complaining about the quality of the blogosphere..

I think there are many things that we could profit by looking overseas. Die Süddeutsche has for example portrayed "The Daily Show" and finds that

"Mag ja sein, dass Deutschland mit Angela Merkel, Kurt Beck oder Erwin Huber nicht gerade die Charisma-Stars zu bieten hat. Dennoch hätte es die politische Klasse verdient, intelligent und stilvoll verulkt zu werden. Dafür könnte man glatt mal auf die "Tagesschau" verzichten."

I agree fully!



Who is the German Stephen Colbert?


That would be Oliver Pocher:


Damn, blew it. Of course Stephen Colbert himself is the German Stephen Colbert.


The last truly horrible attempt at a satiral news show was back in the 80s by a very sad Dutch host.

Of course there was for a long time the hilarious "GNN" Gute-Nacht-News, but it became too hot for the RTL station changing ownership to the Bertelsmann conglomerate. They were also more into generally satirizing the my-am-i-important stance of "news".

Colbert is still somewhat stiff. We do have much better "cabaret", ever heard of that in America?

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