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July 27, 2008



Of all the things one could say about Obama's trip to Europe, that has to be about the stupidest. McCain is incredible.


solange die deutschen bei anderen amerikanern "gekrochen" sind, war´s aber ganz recht.

Markus Dorst

WOW - 250,000 "fawning Germans". If I were living in Berlin and not in Bonn, I'd have been one of them. Unfortunately I had to "fawn" in front of the TV, when America's hopeful made his nice but not very detailed speech.

Anyway - ANY candidate who shows some promise NOT to continue Dubya's devastating politics is an improvement. GO, OBAMA


Wer "kriecht" denn fuer John McCain? Niemand!

He's running a pathetic campaign, so far.


The funny thing is, that some of these newspapers will inevitably run their "Why [Republican candidate] is better for Germany than [Democratic candidate]" pieces in a few months time. This as been done with Bush over Gore, Bush over Kerry and it will be done with McCain over Obama.


McCain the military aristocrat, who eradicated Vietnamese villages with napalm and later when captured, liked to run a regular radio show for the Vietcong. He really knows everything about treason and conscience.

If that kind of person really gets elected, it'll be pretty much over the US..

Mc Cain

Mc Cain.... who is Mc Cain???

G Masters

Thank you Mccain, with this attitude on foreign nations and diplomacy skill ( lack of) you lost a vote / there's other reasons of course. As an american in Germany I have to hear again how arrogant and stupid we are for another six months. Get some new advisors and pre edit your speeches for a global view at least.


Last but not least it should be said that the Department of Defense rather objected Obama's meeting with wounded soldiers. No matter what he does, he has to be wrong all the way...

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