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July 24, 2008



Barack Obama has given me hope that the alliance can be restored.

I think this is less about Barack (although his charisma definitely plays a role) and more about him being Not-Bush. Us Germans will return to our usual reflexes of arrogance, know-it-allery and anti-Americanism as soon as he is in the White House and has to make unpopular decisions, like invading Iran.

A nice moment in time, definitely. But let's give it three or four years and see how he'll be received in Berlin after he's been President for some years. That'll be the real Litmus test for the state of German-American relations.


"has to make unpopular decisions, like invading Iran."

If this happens - dann nur mit euch.
The days of American unilateralism are over. That was the message of the speech.


Don't get your hopes up too much... I'm betting most of those flag-wavers were American expats. :)

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