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August 15, 2008



Georgia is a good example of Anglo-Fascism in action. Single-party "democracy", coloured shirt revolution, a drug-addled "president" making offensive war and ethnic cleansing.

You have some nerve to complain about "anti-americanism", really. Such wars are planned long ahead. The fascists even broke the Olympic peace, your country should have been kicked out in Beijing.


I´m so relieved that Russia is not a good example of "(...) Fascism in action. Single-party "democracy", coloured shirt revolution, a drug-addled "president" making offensive war and ethnic cleansing."

How about a nice cup of plutonium tea to celebrate the new Berlin-Moscow Axis?


I have to admit, that I was annoyed by the media's tendency to support either side straight ahead. So far I feel like I miss the most important facts to even decide what happened: Both sides state that the other side committed crimes against humanity. I can't state whether either side is lying or saying the truth. Likewise, I don't know if the Georgians really knew about an impending Russian invasion or whether they decided to risk an all-out war with Russia without properly informing their western allies...

Without such information I just feel incapable of clearly chosing one side over the other. And I'm somewhat shocked how easily some parts of the media seemed to be able to discern right from wrong, truth from lie and fact from fiction in this conflict (either fully supporting Russia or fully supporting Georgia).

I still feel that our world is not as bi-polar as its made out to be by some analysts of this conflict.

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